Becoming a Member

Become a Member

If you have been thinking about becoming a member of the NEADTA but are uncertain how to do so or are unsure of the benefits please read below!

How to Become a Member: Membership to the NEADTA is managed through the American Dance Therapy Association. You must be a member of the national association in order to be a member of a local chapter. When renewing your annual membership for the ADTA you must choose the New England Chapter as your local chapter and pay the additional dues. Chapter dues are $20 for Association/Institutional/Professional Members and are $15 for Students/Retired Members.

Benefits of Becoming a NEADTA Member: The NEADTA works to support and connect to its members in a variety of ways. Listed below are some of the benefits NEADTA members can enjoy:

  • Discounted spring conference fees
  • Be notified first about calls for proposals, dates, and registration for the NEADTA Annual Spring Conference
  • Receive the Seasonal President Updates
  • Share the work that members are doing locally
  • Be notified of Dance/Movement Therapy job positions
  • Post open Dance/Movement Therapy job positions to the membership through distribution by the NEADTA.
  • Advertisement of workshops/presentations on our NEADTA website and distributed to our members by e-mail
  • Support with advertising materials for events and spreading awareness of Dance/Movement Therapy in New England
  • Member Appreciation Events
  • Advertisement of individual and group supervision
  • Support in connecting with BC-DMT supervisors
  • Advertisement for peer supervision groups
  • Opportunity to volunteer at the spring conferences to support your DMT Community
  • Connecting with prospective students or interns
  • Staying and feeling connected to other Dance/Movement Therapists!

If you have any questions about becoming an NEADTA Member, email us at or talk to one of the NEADTA Board Members today!

Find a DMT

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