The NEADTA Board continues to center inclusion and transparency in our growing work to further support our student and professional members. Following our recent Board and Annual Planning Committee Meetings, amendments to the current NEADTA By-Laws were collectively determined and we wanted to present these amendments to our NEADTA members to include everyone’s voice in making the following changes to the current By-Laws. Per our current By-Laws:

Section II: Any professional or student member of the association may become a professional or student member of the Chapter with full voting privileges, by paying in advance the requisite Chapter membership fee. The Chapter membership fee shall be in addition to the annual dues for professional membership of the Association.

Section IV: Any student member of the Association may become a student member of the Chapter with all the privileges of membership, except for holding office as the President, Vice President or Treasurer. Students may hold office as the Secretary, MDC Liaison, and Government Affairs Liaison. Students may become student members of the chapter by paying annually in advance the requisite chapter membership fee. The chapter membership fee shall be in addition to the annual dues for student membership in the Association. Students may participate at Chapter Board Meetings, serve on committees, and take part in any voting opportunity.


Section I: The elective officers of the Chapter shall be a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and additional officers the Chapter may prescribe. The Chapter Board of Directors may elect to allow up to two individuals to serve in the role of secretary and any other additional prescribed officer roles (excluding President, Vice President, and Treasurer). Officers are nominated by professional and student members of the Chapter, and referred to current officers to confirm nominees’ interest in election. Voting will be held by email. Electronic survey ballots will be sent to all voting members of the Chapter.

NEADTA Members can review the following NEADTA By-Laws Amendments HERE

To cast your votes on the proposed By-Law Amendments HERE.

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