Multicultural and Diversity Committee

Multicultural & Diversity Committee Liaison

We are SO excited to have added the MDC Liaison Role to our Board this year! Stay tuned for more updates and additional information on our goals. 

The American Dance Therapy Association’s (ADTA) Multicultural and Diversity Committee (MDC) has been steadfast in our mission to increase multicultural equity through amplifying and supporting the diverse and inclusive voices of our members throughout their work within and beyond the ADTA. We continue to centralize the varying lived experiences of our MDC community as we confront systems of oppression that directly impact our community. In our 10th year, we are excited to see the introduction of the Multicultural Diversity Committee Liaison (MDCL) positions throughout the growing ADTA Chapters.

Stefanie Belnavis, LMHC, R-DMT is the newly appointed New England American Dance Therapy Association’s (NEADTA) Multicultural and Diversity Committee Liaison.

Within this role, Stefanie serves as a supportive connection/bridge between historically underrepresented NEADTA Chapter members to the MDC. Stefanie’s role in the NEADTA Chapter is to:

(a)  Provide support and connection to NEADTA Chapter members

(b)  Engaging, supporting, and empowering underrepresented NEADTA Chapter members to minimize feelings of isolation

(c) Creating intergroup solidarity and aid in the recruitment and retention of new underrepresented and culturally diverse members

(d) Provide mentorship opportunities in conjunction with NEADTA Chapter leadership and/or the MDC when appropriate

ADTA Multicultural and Diversity Committee

Learn more about the ADTA MDC here: MDC

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