NEADTA 2021 Community Retreat Day

Hello NEADTA: Reconnecting Across Our Lands, Community, and Stories
Co-hosted with Lesley University and Antioch University New England
Sunday, September 19th 10am-1pm

The New England chapter’s membership spans five states and beyond. How can we continue to come home with each other and for each other? 

Please join us for a unique opportunity to come together in community for a retreat-style gathering. Reconnect and get to know fellow chapter members during this day of embodied honoring of the lands we inhabit, the diverse locations we occupy, and our shared community. We would like to respectfully acknowledge the history of displacement of people, in many directions; not only in the past, but also presently. We invite you to reflect on the personhood of the land, how we connect with the land and each other, and the illusions of separation/borders/in minds and hearts. 

We will have opportunities for guided embodied experiences with special invited speakers, as well as co-creative space for generating ideas about what each of us receive from and bring to our community–through our stories, practices, relationships, and beyond. We hope this day serves to create feelings of restoration and inspiration.   

Guest Facilitation by sadada (she/they) & Krystal Garcia (she/they)

See the Schedule, Registration, and FAQ pages for more information!

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